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Local business reached out for website updates, plugin support, and to add additional functions.

Mobile Optimization

Streamlined content allows for a more friendly mobile user experience that is easy to navigate on small screens. website

Interactive succulent care website with paid online membership content and video blog. Includes web shop, mailing list, interactive content.

The Succulent Manual paperback

The Succulent Manual

Production for ‘The Succulent Manual: A guide to care and repair for all climates,’ available as an eBook and paperback with Distribution via multiple platforms.

Food and beverage menu

Responsive one page website with mobile friendly menu, mailing list, social media, food delivery services.

Food and beverage menu

In-house Print Assets

Food and beverage menus, coasters, flyers, gift cards, business cards, and other print collateral.

Event calendar

Vendor coordination group needed an updated website with easy event scheduling and online payment.

Interactive forms

Interactive Forms

Web forms to quickly gather information for applications and tally payment totals.

Local outdoor living design and construction company wanted a website to showcase their projects.

Clean, clear, inviting, affordable

Moved client from Wix to their own host with free SSL, business email, and saved them hard earned money.

Streaming audio samples

Performer with multiple aspects to career wanted to showcase music and film productions. Includes streaming audio samples and video trailers.

Online shop for selling CDs and album downloads

Client wanted to move away from selling on a fee-based platform to be more profitable. Store front includes physical and downloadable products.