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Cleave to the highest concept of who you are; abandon doubt that blinds you of your utmost vision.

Fernand Khnopff-A Mask, circa 1897

Words’ Worth

When we bare our fears and weaknesses, our twisted pasts and uncertain futures, we get a little closer to understanding we’re not alone in our doubts.

William Cheselden’s Osteographia, 1733 and The Anatomy of the Human Body, 1740

Your Witness

Some believe that life is the result of a universal accident and the chemical flux in our bodies deludes us into thinking we’re more than just its hapless, unanchored subjects. It baffles me to hear such yielding certainty, especially when it is quite apparent that


Legions of people wait in abeyance, idly toeing the threshold of their dreams. They kneel with their truest hat in hand, looking for another to weigh its worth and only wear it with their blessing. This validation is usually sought from someone they wish to

Be Still

Be still
in this moment.
And now.

An atom, a terminus
in The Vast.


Do you still look for shapes in the clouds?
What you see doesn’t matter,
What matter’s is that you are still looking,
or maybe it’s that you have begun to look again.

To do or not to do

Putting others before yourself is a noble quality under plenty of circumstances, and I don’t mean that in a feminist-ey way one bit. Yet there comes a point when this quality works against us. When we don’t pursue something we love because we fear what

Tell me about you and I will better know myself

While I’ve always held on to the idea that I should write about my past, I haven’t actually formed a good reason for doing so, though I think there’s one in there somewhere. I have to weigh to possible end results—from opening myself up to

In judging others

In judging others, we seek to comfort ourselves from judgement. In comparing ourselves to others, we lose our individual worth to the very people we want to feel worthy of.