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If matter cannot be created or destroyed this means that every thing that we see around us has been here in some form since, not just ‘the beginning of time’, but literally forever. However, if there was a ‘beginning of time’ when God ‘moved’ and

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The Seed

As the sprouting seed pushes upward through the dark towards the light, I feel something within me struggling towards a light of another kind. Yet there is a topsoil covering the ground it must burst through and it consists of the the physical barrier between

Lie Down

Lie down in the bed that you made It’s your grave Don’t forget about all of the lives you enslaved A charade on parade You took more than they gave Built a frame of their bones And called it your home At the end of

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The Blue Jay

Today I was driving down a road in my neighborhood when I saw a bird in the road making an odd movement. It looked as if it was rocking back and forth in the street but the motion was not natural. I drove passed it