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1984 Lately?

In a despotic act against our citizens who recently voted out red light traffic cameras throughout Houston, the city has allowed the Department of Homeland Security to install 250-300 surveillance cameras throughout downtown in the name of crime and terrorism prevention. A 2008 study, “Evaluation

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The Great Basket Caser

Montrose Hero Combats Grocery Carts and Local ‘Slums’ In a world where injustice seems to prevail, from famine and poverty, to war and environmental calamity, there is finally hope to be found in the emergence of a local anonymous hero whose evasions for our request to

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Grocery Analysis

Before me on the conveyor belt, your whole life is on display. After the items are scanned, you carefully place your pre-chilled bottle of wine and single tin of gourmet cat food into a cloth bag. Your lightly wrinkled yet well-tailored blazer and disheveled chignon

The Life of a Wave

Inspired by Lee Powers 1989-2009, a young man who’s life and death inspired the whole Montrose community to hold each other closer. One night, somewhere out in the darkest center of the ocean where only the stars held witness, a wave was born. “Who am

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One Breeze

There is but one breeze that lies in wait throughout the universe only moving at the moment that all natural factors are in place to move it, and whether it is a gusting squall strong enough to push down a tree or just strong enough

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If matter cannot be created or destroyed this means that every thing that we see around us has been here in some form since, not just ‘the beginning of time’, but literally forever. However, if there was a ‘beginning of time’ when God ‘moved’ and

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The Blue Jay

Today I was driving down a road in my neighborhood when I saw a bird in the road making an odd movement. It looked as if it was rocking back and forth in the street but the motion was not natural. I drove passed it