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Complete Metamorphosis

It’s one of nature’s most impressive displays of metamorphosis even without knowing all the science behind the transformation, but once you realize what all transpires inside the chrysalis, and ponder how it parallels our own lives, it’s impossible to not be blown away…

Swamp Mirroring Clouds

A Light on the Corner

Sometimes the universe has a way with timing and coincidences that cannot be explained. We witness small happenings that don’t seem relevant when relaying them to someone else, and rarely do we have a witness nearby to collaborate the occurrence. I try to keep up with these

The Marble Cup

Diego drank first then poured a cup for his wife. They’ve held these ceremonies every Friday for the last eight years and yet she still had a pained expression as she swallowed the drink. A woman assisting with the ceremony went next. Lucy followed. She looked beautiful and serious in the candlelight. Then it was my turn.

by Andrea Afra

Nice to Meet You

…It’s not their flaws or shadows or even their actions against us that are judged, but their intentions. Friends err; enemies calculate.

Fernand Khnopff-A Mask, circa 1897

Words’ Worth

When we bare our fears and weaknesses, our twisted pasts and uncertain futures, we get a little closer to understanding we’re not alone in our doubts.

William Cheselden’s Osteographia, 1733 and The Anatomy of the Human Body, 1740

Your Witness

Some believe that life is the result of a universal accident and the chemical flux in our bodies deludes us into thinking we’re more than just its hapless, unanchored subjects. It baffles me to hear such yielding certainty, especially when it is quite apparent that


Legions of people wait in abeyance, idly toeing the threshold of their dreams. They kneel with their truest hat in hand, looking for another to weigh its worth and only wear it with their blessing. This validation is usually sought from someone they wish to

Tell me about you and I will better know myself

While I’ve always held on to the idea that I should write about my past, I haven’t actually formed a good reason for doing so, though I think there’s one in there somewhere. I have to weigh to possible end results—from opening myself up to

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My Question(s) to You

We all had a certain idea of what adulthood would be like, of what it would feel like to be all grown up. There would be the freedom to eat ice cream for breakfast. You would learn how to drive a car and stay up