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Alpha Thoughts

Alpha Thoughts: Taming the runaway thought-dogs we call intrusive thoughts… This is a recap of a dialogue between myself and another anonymous internet stranger in search of help with intrusive thoughts. After several affirmations from others that the advice I offered this person hit home for them

To do or not to do

Putting others before yourself is a noble quality under plenty of circumstances, and I don’t mean that in a feminist-ey way one bit. Yet there comes a point when this quality works against us. When we don’t pursue something we love because we fear what

Young Wisdom

“It’s more about imagination than brains” — my son, age 7,  Khalil in response to me saying, “DUDE! You are so smart!” when he showed me a complex freestyle Lego masterpiece he built.

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My Question(s) to You

We all had a certain idea of what adulthood would be like, of what it would feel like to be all grown up. There would be the freedom to eat ice cream for breakfast. You would learn how to drive a car and stay up

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Spinning with your love

Hundreds of years ago, Rumi described a dream I had earlier this year. To find that it was written before I dreamt it, and to have only just found it after having dreamt it, doesn’t seem coincidental or mysterious, only comforting and confirming. In the

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How to find something you’ve lost

I just Googled the words in the title hoping for some kind of geeky online mind-jogging generator but only found a useless Wikihow and a few other plain Jane suggestions. That was until I scrolled down a bit and saw a listing called ‘How to

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What is the soul

Soul = Heart. Maybe we make this equation in a vague sense but when you look at it simply, as above, it hits home. When we refer to the love we feel in our heart for someone, while there is a physical sensation within the

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The cure…

I think that I can only go so long without reading something very human and true, or without writing something very human and true, before my overflow pan gets full and becomes at risk for spilling out in other places of my life. If not

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Why I Write #108

I think the reason I like to write is because I love to read so dang much that I want to emulate those greats who have taught me so much and taken me to landscapes I might never reach in reality, showed me the lives