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338: A Memoir- Final Chapters Released

338: A Memoir…
I’m finally done. With over 30-years in the making and at least ten years in writing and putting it off until a proper ending unfolded, I’m so done. I hope it sheds some light on what’s happening in our country’s mental health industry and what to look out for if you need help for yourself or your loved ones.

I’m beyond ready to let it all go, and yet there is so much more to discuss about the mental health industry and the greed and fraud it thrives on at the expense of millions of people in need of help. My next post will be an attempt to demonstrate the growth and relationships behind the scenes, where doctors, investors, and hospital management groups have collaborated to find ways to generate more cash by trading humans for profit. Yes, many of these facilities and scams are still in operation today.

In the meantime, here are a few links of interest to prime readers wanting to know more about the ‘kids for cash’ scandal that has been in effect for well over half a century.

3/27/2016: Universal Health Services, and the consequences of bad treatment
Over the years, UHS has been caught in a number of scandals, from Medicare and Medicaid fraud to poor patient care. (Owns Provo Canyon School)

10/27/15: Utah lawmakers hear allegations of horrific health-insurance fraud at treatment centers
Fly-by-night substance-abuse treatment centers are cashing in on tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent billings, shopping for patients — sometimes even importing them from out of state — and in some instances providing no care or treatment, a Utah legislative committee was told Thursday.

7/31/15: Lawyer Sues His Former Client – A School For Troubled Kids – When His Own Son Dies Under Questionable Circumstances
A lawyer for The Brown Schools, who defended his client in a case involving the 1988 death of a teenager in one of its facilities, finds himself suing the ‘school’ after the death of his own son in 2002.

Kids for Cash Scandal
Judges convicted for accepting millions in bribes in return for sentencing juveniles to private youth facilities.

6/28/94: Ex-psychiatric hospital exec admits bribing physicians (Psychiatric Institutes of America)
A former Dallas hospital executive confessed Monday that he bought patients with at least $20 million in bribes to referring physicians and other health care professionals.

You can read 338: A Memoir in its entirety here. I’m also going to publish it as an eBook soon if you’d prefer that format.

If you have any questions or have been in a similar situation in the past, feel free to share! Your comments and inquiries are very welcome and appreciated.

And once again, fuck Provo Canyon School!

Provo Canyon School

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