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More Chapters Released from 338: A Memoir

Three more chapters set free… you can read them now in the original post or wait a few more weeks until the remaining chapters are released.

The Table of Contents is clickable, so if you have already read chapters 1-3, just click on Chapter 4 to pick up where I left off.

A brief intro to ‘338: A Memoir’ can be read here.

The current chapters so far:

Chapter 1: Salute
Chapter 2: Consequences
Chapter 3: The Prize
Chapter 4: AWOL
Chapter 5: Slip ‘n Slide
Chapter 6: April Showers 

I am grateful for the kind words and encouragement I’ve already heard from readers! I hope you enjoy the newest addition too. (And I welcome your comments about typos –  I won’t publish them, but I’ll use your tips! 😛 ) More to come about this time next week.

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