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My Question(s) to You

We all had a certain idea of what adulthood would be like, of what it would feel like to be all grown up. There would be the freedom to eat ice cream for breakfast. You would learn how to drive a car and stay up as late as you wanted. You wanted to be a fireman, no wait, a veterinarian, or maybe, yes, an archeologist. Better yet, you would just make a lot of money doing something cool like designing video games or modeling. The possibilities of being a grown up were endless, but best of all, your parents wouldn’t be able to tell you what to do ever again.

There was a time in our lives when everything was new to us. The words we heard, the food we ate, the sights and sensations were all new experiences. And we learned with astonishing speed.

Are life’s mysteries strong enough to pull you away from the mundane? Do you feel that your childhood image of adulthood is manifest? Do you feel ‘grown up?’ Have you been told you care too much? Have you felt the anxiety of realization that you were nearly pulled under, lulled into the shallows of life where the water was never too deep, where your head was always above water, feet on the ground, head a safe distance away from the clouds…and then realized how terrifyingly easy it is to let the mysteries slip away? Did you come back or are you still there?

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