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How to find something you’ve lost

I just Googled the words in the title hoping for some kind of geeky online mind-jogging generator but only found a useless Wikihow and a few other plain Jane suggestions. That was until I scrolled down a bit and saw a listing called ‘How to find lost items using your psychic abilities.’ Of course I clicked through. The suggestions were somewhat silly- basically to use a pendulum or play a psychic ‘hot or cold’ game based on your intuition, not logic. I thought, what the heck, logic hasn’t helped me find my lost scarf, let’s try the pendulum.

Per the instructions, I had to ask my subconscious of the scarf’s whereabouts, and if I didn’t know subconsciously where it was, then this probably wouldn’t work. I found a necklace to use as a pendulum, held it over my hand as directed, and asked myself if the scarf was in my house. I began by mentally defining what yes and no meant- which way the charm of the necklace would swing for an affirmative, et cetera.

Me: ‘Is it in the house?’

Pendulum: (Quivers a bit from my pulse. I try to steady it with my free hand before trying again.)

Me: ‘Is it in my room?’

Pendulum: (No response. I realized I was not asking myself, but the pendulum, so I redirected the question to myself.)

Me: ‘Did I put it in my room?’

Pendulum: (Seems to sway a bit from side to side. I wait for it to stop, trying to steady the arm holding it.)

Me: ‘Is it near me?’

Pendulum: (Sways a bit more from side to side. I drop it into my open palm to bring it to a stop before dangling it over my open hand again.)

Me: ‘Did I leave it in the bathroom?’ My bathroom opens directly into my room, so maybe that counted too.

Pendulum: Nope.

Me: ‘Did I put it in my closet somewhere?’ I knew it wasn’t under my bed or in the drawers of the bedside table. I’d checked the closet thoroughly twice but still had doubts…

Pendulum: (Quivers more then swings back and forth about a half inch.)

Me: ‘No way. I’ve checked everywhere in the closet. Is it in something?”

Pendulum: Yep.

Me: ‘Under something in something?’

Pendulum: Tee hee…you’re getting warmer.

Me: ‘In a drawer??’

Pendulum: ‘Maybe…’

Me: ‘In the bottom drawer?! I’ve already looked in all of the drawers!’

Pendulum: ‘Could be you looked too hard.’

Me: ‘Fine. I’ll check the drawers again.’

Pendulum: ‘You do that. I’ll wait.’

So I went and emptied out my large bottom drawer- the only ‘real’ drawer as the others are those little rolling drawers I use for small clothing items like socks. As I came to realize the scarf wasn’t in the big drawer, nor under it or behind it, I put everything back and turned to look in the little bottom drawer.
And there it was. Plain as day through the side of the clear plastic bin tucked under a bunch of socks. I’d looked high and low, in the most ridiculous places, thinking it was long gone. It took me two minutes to find it with a pendulum that wasn’t even a pendulum.

Coincidence? Placebo effect? True psychic abilities being tapped into? I don’t know. I don’t care. It worked. I’ll take it.

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