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Why I Write #108

I think the reason I like to write is because I love to read so dang much that I want to emulate those greats who have taught me so much and taken me to landscapes I might never reach in reality, showed me the lives and minds of characters who might be fictional but we all know a vein of truth runs through each life the author creates. I love non-fiction too when written in a a way that allows for a temporary exchange of realities.

I’ve tried my hand at fiction, however I don’t think that’s really my thing. When I am telling others’ stories, I feel a fire in me that isn’t there when penning straight fiction. One piece I’ve been working on is a combination of the two- a historical account through a fictional character’s perspective. The few people I’ve ran the story past haven’t heard of the place which makes it an even more important story to tell. Why not just give a journalistic account and be done with it? I don’t know. Maybe I should. I’ve never been there, met anyone from there, or met anyone who had any affiliation with this place. I only have the translated stories of former residents to go by for the events that occurred, yet they are so compelling that I feel they need to be told all at once, in the voice of one who witnessed it all firsthand. It’s just that kind of story.

The triumphs and tribulations of mankind are nothing short of the best entertainment and educational materials we can hope to discover. All it takes on our part is to listen closely, whether with our eyes or our ears.

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