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Whisper the feeling into my soul again…

There was a moment when I truly believed with every atom of my being that all is as it should be.

It came over me in an instant and was gone- it paralyzed me with such a peace that the relief I felt wasn’t something I’m sure I could endure it everyday. It was a ‘knowing’ that all is as it should be in spite of the terrible things we’ve witnessed or experienced. It was a breath of faith that I needed desperately at the time and I find myself sipping from its air nearly ten years later. There isn’t a way for me to pass on this feeling. Like love, words can’t even explain how it can’t be explained in words. I can say that I feel like I was granted a taste, a whispering, of the  answer to which we all put to question, and while our questions may be worded much differently, I think they are all relatively similar and can be surmised as “What’s Next?”

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