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Sucked in

It’s so easy to get sucked into the vacuum of ‘important’ tasks, all the while looking wistfully over the shoulder at all of the important things you really want to do. Write. Practice guitar. Read. I consider myself a writer foremost, but the majority of my energy goes into web design, and once submerged in the project, the time-warp begins.

The minutes coagulate into hours. Fragments of life are viewed through a few idle moments on Facebook and reading the news. While challenged by the code, the nagging pull to write in English and not Javascript and CSS is always there. When I try to talk to people about web design most look at me as if I were telling them about the process of how paint dries. It’s not a subject that carries over into life very smoothly.

“So the whole time, it wasn’t working because I used onload instead of a document ready. Can you believe it?”

I need to get here more. Now back to punching pixels.


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