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The Fly on the Philtrum

It was morning recess on the playground at my Montessori school and my friend Amy and I were sitting on the edge of a flowerbed discussing scratch ‘n sniff stickers or whatever it is four year old girls discuss. She had baby fine brown hair, big watery green eyes, and the sniffles, which left a shiny damp spot between her nose and her top lip. A gnat was buzzing around between us and when it landed right on the wet spot, my eyes went wide.

“You’ve got something on your face,” I said, staring in disgusted awe as the bug struggled to free its wings when suddenly her pink tongue darted out and up to lick away the foreign object. Which was a bug.

“Amy! It was a bug! You just ate a bug!” I was both sickened and impressed.

Her eyes grew and then narrowed, and she put her hands on her hips. “I did not!”

“Yes, you did, it was a little black fly, but you licked it off!”

“You’re lying!” She stood up and ran off to go tell on me to the teacher. I stayed where I was, stunned, waiting on Amy to rat me out for telling her the truth. I felt bad for not telling her right away that it had been a fly, but I was too surprised to iterate otherwise.

When the teacher called me over to the bench, my explanation was simple. “Her nose was runny. A bug landed on the snot. I told her she had something on her face and she licked it up.”

She turned to asked Amy something and under the scrutiny, Amy licked the spot again. Our teacher quickly turned away to conceal a dry heave.

Moral of this Story:

Some will deny the truest of facts if it insults them


If there’s every any doubt, wipe, don’t lick.

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