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If matter cannot be created or destroyed this means that every thing that we see around us has been here in some form since, not just ‘the beginning of time’, but literally forever. However, if there was a ‘beginning of time’ when God ‘moved’ and from that point on all physical matter existed in some form even if it was just individual atoms separated by billions of light-years that somehow came together to form the lead in a pencil five billion years later, that means that that pencil has existed in some form for quite some time now. There’s that word again- time. We know that time is “man-made” but the true question is whether there truly was a time before our physical universe came into existence. As scientists can’t measure a human’s experience after death, they are also unable to measure anything before the birth of our universe. That is why they are waiting for the day when they can say that they’ve created matter out of nothing, but the truth is even where there is nothing, there is something.

If matter was created and designed to act in a certain way that means that it was created by an outside force from nothing but itself, if nothing else existed before the ‘big bang’. Therefore, from that moment on all laws set in place were put into motion with nothing more than a thought: “GO.” Who said go? Our creator, the one we call the Force, God. Everything, every atom knew it’s purpose. They bonded together to form molecules which found their purpose was to bond with other molecules to form elements. Atom plus molecule equals element, the key to physical life. We are made up of simple elements ourselves, each cell within us aware of its purpose. They make up the intricate nervous system that we can thank for being able to do everything we do. If the nervous system is damaged, it will try and repair itself. In nature, you can genetically modify the color of a fruitfly’s eyes to be blue but within five generations of breeding one modified fly with another they will produce a perfect red-eyed offspring.

Every atom is seeking perfection, seeking it’s perfect form. A flower turns to the sun, the seed struggles to break through the hardest dirt, crystals form perfectly symmetrical designs of amazing beauty, flesh wounds heal, bodies fight off illness. That brings us to us. Why does everything in nature act in accordance with its laws to seek their perfect form, as if imbued with perfect instinct, while we humans struggle to find our meaning every day? An atom is bound by certain laws yet what we have termed ‘free will’ has freed us from the reins that would guide us to wherever our true place is. For some reason we have been opted out of the whole system that has been set into place from the beginning, as if we were challenged to find our way home through the dark. We stumble, we fall, we give up, we keep going, we give up again, and pick ourselves up again, but that is hardly an example of the graceful order that even the snowflake has mastered, and it is one of the simplest compounds: H2O.

It was as if in the beginning God had created the spirits that would become our souls and led them to the edge of heaven and said, “look down. That is the universe, a place for you to explore and grow, yet you must go it alone to get the full experience. You won’t remember where you came from or even that you will come back to Me. Some of you will forget me all together, but you will still come back to me in the end, for you are a part of me. If you can remember me or at least find me again, even while lavishing yourself with earthly delights or wallowing in earthly despair, then you have begun the journey to your perfect form of your own free will. You may doubt me now that you are capable of succumbing to the demands of the flesh you will wear, be it physical or mental, but you will be. In the pursuit of seeking your perfect form on earth, you are perfecting your spiritual form here. Now: GO.”

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