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Lie Down

Lie down in the bed
that you made
It’s your grave
Don’t forget about all
of the lives you enslaved
A charade on parade
You took more than they gave
Built a frame of their bones
And called it your home
At the end of the end
When the past closes in
Cast open your flesh
To pick out the sin
One for each with no name
All the same
Just a game
One you thought that you’d win
But you lost
And now
it’s too late to repent

If you believe
all the things
that you say
Then you’re going to hell
and you’re well on your way
Holy Day on display
half bent knees where you pray
to be blessed with the curse
Midas begged to reverse
At the end of the End
Would you do it again
Look back at your past
To where it all began
Down each path there’s a place
Where we all fall from grace
And must choose to save face
or give in
Before it’s too late to repent

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