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Branch with succulents

I’m Outside

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything and I know I should have updated my page sooner but I’ve been busy offline and outdoors. And I’m loving it. Somehow in the past 6 months, I found myself surrounded by plants, mainly succulents, and decided


Alpha Thoughts

Alpha Thoughts: Taming the runaway thought-dogs we call intrusive thoughts… This is a recap of a dialogue between myself and another anonymous internet stranger in search of help with intrusive thoughts. After several affirmations from others that the advice I offered this person hit home for them


Complete Metamorphosis

It’s one of nature’s most impressive displays of metamorphosis even without knowing all the science behind the transformation, but once you realize what all transpires inside the chrysalis, and ponder how it parallels our own lives, it’s impossible to not be blown away…

Swamp Mirroring Clouds

A Light on the Corner

Sometimes the universe has a way with timing and coincidences that cannot be explained. We witness small happenings that don’t seem relevant when relaying them to someone else, and rarely do we have a witness nearby to collaborate the occurrence. I try to keep up with these


The Marble Cup

Diego drank first then poured a cup for his wife. They’ve held these ceremonies every Friday for the last eight years and yet she still had a pained expression as she swallowed the drink. A woman assisting with the ceremony went next. Lucy followed. She looked beautiful and serious in the candlelight. Then it was my turn.

Virginia Frances Sterrett


An underlying murmur rises, swells in my chest and fills my throat with unborn tears; a lament for neglected fruit I’ve left to ferment in the sun, drunk off sips of sadness from this bitter wine. Standing on tip toe in the orchard of ether, can

yellow-crowned night-heron

Wild in Houston: An Island in the Lake at Hermann Park

Everywhere you look, something is happening. Yellow-crowned and Black-crowned Night-Herons wait along the treelined shore like feathered statues. Staring between the reeds and waterlilies with amber-beaded eyes, they survey the waters for an opportune fish. Butterflies? Every kind indigenous to Houston.

by Andrea Afra

Nice to Meet You

…It’s not their flaws or shadows or even their actions against us that are judged, but their intentions. Friends err; enemies calculate.